Carla Skin File - 500k OR $205usd via paypal (9/10 left)

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Carla Skin File - 500k OR $205usd via paypal (9/10 left)

Post by Scarling on Sun Jun 15, 2014 12:07 pm

The skin is called Carla and is a revamp of my old Maya skin. The file is a partial PSD, meaning the skin itself you only get the flat version, but the options are all layered.

Selling this to trusted developers only. This means that if you are a known thief, or you have stolen from me or anyone else in the past, I will not sell to you. The same goes if your catalog just looks shady in general. If I don't feel like I can trust you, it's a no-go. Don't whine if I decline you. I don't imagine this will happen often so please don't feel like I'm being super strict with it, just know that I can and will deny the sale to you if something about you or your catalog seems "off" to me.

Files will be sent via email only.
PSD format ONLY so please make sure whichever program you are using can open .psd files. There will be no refunds given if you find that you cannot open this file type so please check BEFOREHAND.

TOS DO apply:
1. Must make noticeable changes to the skin. Don't be lazy and submit it as-is or I will DMCA. Do some actual work to it and make it your own. I am selling it to you as a base to work from, not a premade skin for you to submit and saturate the catalog with. Once again, make it your own.
2. Give credit on the product page, no matter how much you modify the skin. Just a quick "Skin originates from the Carla skin template from Scarling" or something along those lines and a link back to my catalog, will suffice. It doesn't have to be huge, just some normal text at the bottom. Take credit for your own work, not mine. Nothing personal </3
3. Obviously, no redistributing. I AM keeping PUBLIC track of who purchases this skin. It is semi-exclusive meaning it will NOT be mass-sold. I will sell this file to ten people total, and the file will under no circumstances be available after the limit has been reached. Names will be on my profile once it's sold, so if you catch anyone using this temp that is not on the list, please PM me so that I may DMCA.
4. Purchase gives submission rights to ONE account. You are NOT allowed to submit this on alts. Pick one account and use it there only. Avatar name that will be submitting must be stated at time of purchase. This cannot be changed (if you get a name change, please notify me ASAP).
5. You are not allowed to use this file or any part of it outside of IMVU. If you want to use it elsewhere, ask me first.
6. This is an odd one but in case this skin gets stolen from YOU with your mods made to it, You are absolutely required to take the appropriate actions to get it removed (i.e. file a valid DMCA claim). I know some people don't care and just let it slide, but do not do so with this or your user license may be revoked without refund.
7. Ask me first if you want to do custom skins with this template. Send me pics of the mods you've made to it, and what you plan on charging for skins.
8. Payment is due at time of purchase. If you don't have the money for it yet but definitely want it, you'll have to wait until you're able to make the full payment before I can send you the file. I can reserve a spot for you if you'd like for 30 days-- But I will not reserve more than two spots at a time (total, not per person).
9. No refunds, sorry. Files are copyable and there's no way to "return" it, so all sales are final, no exceptions.

If you have any questions about the terms, please feel free to ask and I'll be happy to explain my reasons why I chose to add these terms or answer any further questions you may have. I'm sorry if it seems like I'm being kind of a cunt about it, but I just feel I need to take these precautions in order to comfortably sell any of my files. This is a first for me, so yeah.

Okay, on to the pics! Click on them for the larger versions! (purchase info at the bottom of post)

These are the tones included in the file. They are adjustment layers organized into folders and yes you may use them for your other skins.

These are some combinations of the body options. The combinations are listed at the bottom. Each option is on it's own layer, but it was easier to show them this way.

These are some combinations of the face options. Once again they're all on their own layers, but they can be combined to make these looks or a ton of others.

All in all you get
Three cleavage options, body moles, facial moles, cold spots (body and face), three pubic hair options (default shaved), seven pre-made tones including two monochromatic, five eye makeups (plus a cute kitteh facepaint), eyelashes, four lipsticks, four lip glosses, nose contour, cheekbone contour, blush, body freckles, face freckles,

If you want pics of anything specific just ask and I'll be happy to post them.

Comment with the following info and please remove the info in the parenthesis, it's just so you know what to put there. Oh and do not pay until I have confirmed you! And once I've confirmed you, If you have to file a help ticket to transfer credits if you have a limit on your account, please let me know and I will send the file as soon as I see them in my account.

Avatar name: (the one you'll be submitting on)
Payment from: (if different from above, just put the same name if it's the same)
Catalog link: (self-explanatory)
"I understand and agree to the TOS posted above and I understand that if I am found to be breaking any of these terms, my user license will be revoked without a refund, and all products from this template found to be in violation will be subject to a DMCA takedown notice."

Purchase history
1. Qwerty (via pulse)


Also, sorry that this is rather long, I have a tendency to talk my ass off on posts that require more than just basic information so bear with me LOL


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Re: Carla Skin File - 500k OR $205usd via paypal (9/10 left)

Post by Righteous on Sat Aug 09, 2014 2:54 am

Avatar name: Righteous
Payment from: Righteous
Catalog link:

I understand and agree to the TOS posted above and I understand that if I am found to be breaking any of these terms, my user license will be revoked without a refund, and all products from this template found to be in violation will be subject to a DMCA takedown notice.

*not sure if this is needed, but i'll provide anyways to save time*


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